Hey there readers!  I have no idea what to call this post, I’m starting to run out of clever ideas.  Tuesday!  it is….

Moving on.

So today was my day off as I mentioned yesterday, and I fled the Camp property for the solace of shopping and lunch in Huntsville with my Mommy.

Here are some pictures that I saved from yesterday because I took roughly 250 pictures yesterday, so there were plenty to spare.

Here is yesterday’s “beach” activity time.  These pictures wouldn’t have turned out quite so great today anyway, as it tried to rain off and on all day and was overcast.  I’m sure the kids still had a lot of fun today though, and I heard zero complaints when I got back on site.  In fact, I heard cheers, because as the candy lady (tuck shop manager), when I come back at dinner with an announcement that says we now have gummi mice and rain forest frogs, kids love me.  Let me tell you, if you want to be loved by everyone, come be the candy lady for a summer.
IMG_5359 IMG_5375IMG_5402

Bracelet Making was fun as always… I was really tempted to sit down and make myself one, but I already have three that were gifts from students at the end of the year that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to part with, so I think I’ll have to refrain.


Fitness with Uncle Evan — The kids were running for the lake and back.  Evan made sure he taught some proper stretching techniques before they set out, so that no one injured themselves unnecessarily.


During our Jr. Lifeguard major, our candidates swam from the dock to the shallow swimming area and back, accompanied by Lifeguard Dave the whole time.  They all champed it!

Remember back a couple weeks ago when I told you that Reaman Cober was here helping take down the old Pole Barn so that it could be relocated to the other side of the road, out of the way of the campground and the Family Camp area?  Well, it’s gone, and a new, smaller shed has been built in its place to cover the fridge/freezers and the wood for fires.  It looks lovely down there, and I’m not sure what we’re going to do with all of the extra space, but it sure LOOKS nicer from across the path.  The view from the campsites across the path has improved greatly.  Thanks for all your hard work, maintenance staff and volunteers!

IMG_5505 IMG_5506

At Sports, there was some volleyball going on.  It looked AND sounded like everyone was having a great time.  Thankfully, this week hasn’t been nearly as hot as last week was, and so these activities are much more enjoyable.  Check out Josh’s expertly delivered overhand serve while the other kids look on and wait for it to arrive to them.

Well, I’ll be back out tomorrow to take proper pictures of what actually happens on the same day, but thanks for humouring my day-old pictures from yesterday so that I could enjoy my day off today 🙂


Oh, as a side note:  I made a mistake in yesterday’s blog.  Aunt Brittany is not teaching an Art Major.  The kids who were doing Rule of Thirds in their notebooks were learning that as it applies to Photography.  This makes sense to me, given that Brittany is a talented photographer, so I don’t know why it didn’t click yesterday, but everyone makes mistakes 🙂

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