The Kahquah Cavemen and Cavewomen

KATA — Kahquah Aeronautics and Time Traveling Association.  That is this week’s theme.  Led fearlessly by first time program directors Aunt Natalie and Aunt Jordanne, and pastors Uncle Jeff and Aunt Linda, we’ll be traveling to all sorts of time periods throughout the week.  I believe that tomorrow (or today, for most of you reading this, since I’m posting it at midnight…) is Medieval Times themed.  Trust me when I tell you I saw some fabulous props coming out for tomorrow, and I’ll be happy to snap some great pictures…. but I may have to save them for Thursday night, when I’ll be away at a surprise party for a relative of mine down in Niagara.  Otherwise, I’ll have nothing to blog about on Thursday, and that wouldn’t do!  You’ll have to live with the suspense, I suppose 🙂


Today we had a Dinosaur and Caveman themed Lunch.  Boy, oh boy did your kids ever look filthy and prehistoric.  Aunt Natalie even had a legit dog bone in her hair today.  She gave it to me, and I will give it to my pooch at some point.  Apparently it stinks and she doesn’t want it now that it’s not useful to her anymore.  Check out the costumes from today’s theme!

IMG_5104 IMG_5111 IMG_5110 IMG_5113 IMG_5106 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5109 IMG_5105
I’m a Little Teacup with Aunt Brooklyn and Uncle Noah

Cousin Ben taking Birchmere Woods ’round the tables

Retreat Woods… Up… Lodge… I’m not sure.  Retreat Boys grunting a love song

Uncle Luke grunting “It’s Too Late To Apologize” as an apology song to Aunt Erin….  I’m not sure what he did to need to apologize, but it was very clever!  Uncle Matt’s right behind Aunt Erin, my camera angle’s just bad.

Aunt Erin singing a song


I wasn’t able to get to Underground today, but I could hear the worship two floors up, and it sounds like it’s great!  I’ll get down in the next day or so.  When you can hear it through the entire building, I dare say it’s quite good.

This afternoon, Aunt Liz and Uncle Frank had a bonding moment over Diet Cokes.


Beach Time!  Everybody loves to just play in the water.  Aunt Liz even joined in today!

IMG_5126 IMG_5122

Uncle Daniel in the Snark — when he was done taking it for a spin, I believe he got to take some kids out for a ride as well.  How exciting!!


Tubing, from the beach.  I hope to get into the boat this week so that I can get views of the kids’ faces while they jubilantly slide across the water.  I plan to get into the boat for water sports as well.

IMG_5125 IMG_5133
Kayaking!  There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of new kayakers try to set out in their kayaks.  It’s always so tough at first, but once they’ve got it, they just speed along quite happily.

If it looks like the young lad in the picture below is kayaking in the wrong direction, you’re not seeing things.  You see, a gust of wind approached and took him by surprise.  It also took his hat by surprise, and yanked it off of his head, sending it backwards and into the drink.  Naturally, he felt compelled to turn and rescue it before returning to his friends.


IMG_5127 IMG_5128 IMG_5129 IMG_5131 IMG_5132 IMG_5134
Above, you can see Uncle Jacob keeping a careful eye on the kayakers from the e-boat, making sure to keep them clear of the ski boat.  We can thank our lifeguards for daily keeping our kids safe in, on, and around the water.

Well, that’s it for me, midnight is well past when I should be awake!  I hope you’re all enjoying this week so far, and look forward to many great experiences to come with the Kahquah Time Travelers!

2 thoughts on “The Kahquah Cavemen and Cavewomen

  1. Can ;there be a better place to be when it is so hot???? My daughter Reagan Annie Mae Cober is no longer a camper…but now staff……I love that she is up here for the summer!! Seeing all the happy smiles and new friendships and learning more about our walk with the Lord…………the best place to be! Stay cool………ps……….when I was at the cottage….I could hear the singing that was around the campfire…….music to my ears!

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