They’re Blazing!

Blaze has begun!  They’re here!  They arrived and ate some tacos.

I have succumbed to the Kahquah Cold that usually attacks our staff in some way or another, one or two at a time, throughout the summer.  SO before the Nyquil kicks in and my writing becomes completely incomprehensible, here’s your Blaze 2013 Update!

Every weekend, the staff is off from Saturday when the kids leave until Sunday when the new set of kids shows up.  I have some pictures of staff tubing and knee/wakeboarding.

IMG_5050 IMG_5101 IMG_5099 IMG_5097 IMG_5088 IMG_5086 IMG_5084 IMG_5080 IMG_5078 IMG_5076 IMG_5066 IMG_5061

At lunch yesterday, even though the kids were gone, we still sang a bunch of our “run around the table” songs during dessert.  Uncle Frank was caught with his elbows on the table, Uncle Jay gave us a gun show, Uncle Chris and Aunt Sherri ran around the tables hand in hand, and there was talk of trying to make Aunt Lynn give Uncle Randy a beach save…. but it never came to be.

In typical Sunday fashion, I have no pictures of the kids themselves.  I do, however, have some that I snagged from Matt after the LIT (Leaders in Training) Canoe trip, so I’ll share those.  The kids that were on this trip last week are now cabin leaders with an experienced leader, but are in the last half of their LIT Training.  They are excited to be cabin leaders, for sure!

IMG_0850 IMG_1121 IMG_1119 IMG_1113 IMG_1092 IMG_1052 IMG_1026 IMG_1022 IMG_1021 IMG_1015 IMG_0984 IMG_0976 IMG_0973 IMG_0959 IMG_0954 IMG_0937 IMG_0930 IMG_0925 IMG_0923 IMG_0920 IMG_0919 IMG_0918 IMG_0905 IMG_0886 IMG_0858IMG_1110

Also awesome, our very own TK took some more lifeguard staff pics, and this time Bradley made it into the shots!  So please enjoy those as well.

Lifeguards 1 Lifeguards 2Lifeguards 3

I look forward to showing you highlights of the kids throughout the week!


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