Paddleboards, Kneeboards, Water Skis, Canoes, and Kayaks… oh my!

Today was a bit of a mixed up day.  It started out gloomy looking and overcast.  We talked at breakfast about how all y’all in the South have gotten a bunch of rain and thunderstorms, and how we’ve been quite fortunate not to have had any yet.  Not that we want a repeat of last summer, where we saw not a single drop of water between mid-June and mid-August, resulting in not a single fire until the second week of Family Camp.  It was cray cray.  Our director, Frank, actually had to ask at lunch what kinds of things we do during a rainy day at Camp, because we didn’t have a single one last summer, his first summer with us.

Well, we spoke too soon.  Just before lunch, it started driving down rain.  The sky had gotten very dark and we wondered if we’d hold out, and we didn’t.  But the great news was that as much as it made the Crew have to work even harder to keep floors clean (dirt and sand plus water plus flip flops equal very muddy floors at every entrance… to every building), the rain didn’t even last through tuck and bunk time.  By the time the kids were ready to go for 2nd Activity, it was clearing up, the sun was coming back, and the only sad face moment was that it didn’t rain long enough to take a hit at the humidity.  But we won’t whine about humidity here in the Near North.  That’d be silly.  Thanks to all of you who’ve been praying for good weather.  Short of raining through the night, we couldn’t ask for much more convenient timing than during lunch and tuck and bunk.  You can see that it rained pretty hard, though, by the grooves carved in the soft ground around where our new cistern was just finished being installed.


Before lunch, though, I got some shots of our excellent Housekeeping Team.  They’ve all purchased our hot-selling orange kids’ Camp tshirts, and some of your own children may come home in shirts that look like these.  They’ve written “Housekeepin'” on the back of their matching shirts, and have decided that these are their uniforms.  These girls (Brenna, Lindsay, Sam, and Chantelle) have been working hard to make sure our chairs are disinfected, our doors are wiped free of fingerprints, and our windows are streak free, along with MANY other jobs.  Here, you can see them stuffing envelopes for a mailing to go out from the office, which, as a one-person job would be daunting and discouraging, but done cheerily by four people is no trouble at all.


Later, I popped into the upstairs washroom to… use it…. and found Chantelle (Housekeeping Supervisor) sitting on the floor with her laptop cranking some music, her Bible, a notebook, and a thoughtful look on her face while she prepared some devotionals for her Housekeepin’ Girls.  This is a strange place to prep this, I know that’s what you’re thinking.  But Brenna was showering and giving input on Chantelle’s ideas.  Since this week started, I’ve been loving these girls’ attitudes toward a job that’s probably not the most recognized around Camp, so I was quite happy for a funny moment to be able to highlight them with today.

Yesterday I didn’t make it to the beach, but others did.  I’m hoping to get there tomorrow to get pictures of my own, but for now, please enjoy a snapshot from the game from yesterday taken by Uncle Matt.  My favourite is the still pulled out of the video he shot of the kids running full tilt into the lake from the beach.  Or the one of Jared buried to his neck in sand…. I’m not sure.




Uncle Tim paddle boarding


The LITS on our sit on top kayaks and using the paddle boards as kayaks

Speaking of canoeing and kayaking, while I was out in the boat, I got some shots of the kayaking skills major.  I also got some pictures of some canoers from the office window while I was doing some tuck paperwork.


You can’t tell in this picture, but there had just been an epic paddle splashing battle.


I went out in the boat again today because I wanted to get a shot of the kneeboarding and skiing instead of just the tubing that I got yesterday.  Don’t get me wrong, yesterday’s tubing was awesome!  Those kids were having an absolute blast!  I’d heard chatter though about this kid in the water sports major who’d never waterskied or knee boarded before, but who got up first try at everything, and was proving to be quite the natural at everything.  I wanted to see him in action, so I headed for the boat again.  There were only two kids at water sports today, so they both had a rather generous amount of time in the water.  Both Sarah and Aiden did very well, and both tried to do a 180 on the kneeboard.  Neither were quite able to execute it, but even Heather, our boat driver, mentioned that this is bravery and skill she rarely sees during first week.

IMG_4591 IMG_4597



2 thoughts on “Paddleboards, Kneeboards, Water Skis, Canoes, and Kayaks… oh my!

  1. Laura, the pictures and blog are so great! Our nephews are there this week and our friend Owen Miller, first time camper at CK, and first time being a week away from his mom and dad. Thanks so much for keeping all of us connected this way! We appreciate your time to do this!! Karen and Lee Wideman

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