Tubing, Crafts, and hearing the campfire from inside the building.

I’m laying on my bed buried in blankets because trust me, the air conditioning works.  From this post on my bed, I can hear the kids screaming at campfire.  I heard a solid rendition of “there ain’t no flies on us,” word for word.  I heard “and SHOVE IT IN THE LAKE!!!!” a bunch of times, too.  I haven’t been out to a campfire yet for pictures, but trust me, if your kid comes home with no voice, you’ll know why.

Today I got out in the boat with our boat driver, Heather.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get out to much else because I was finishing up getting the tuck shop set up, but it’s done now, so I will be able to get out more in the coming days.  But never fear, others took pictures FOR me, and let me know what was going on all over the place, so I am still able to give you some solid news.

I chose the best picture of the shots I got tubing from each set of kids.  Below, you’ll also find more crafts in progress, taken by Graeme.  They made fridge magnets using birch wood and googly eyes to go along with Zoo Mystery week.  Lastly, you’ll find our new Wilderness activity in action.  This is new this year, and led by Jared, who’s been training, researching, and preparing for this since last year when he was asked what he thought of the idea.  Today, I’m told, the wilderness group (which has been full during every activity period) built their own shelter, and learned the safe way to eat a grasshopper………….. no thank you.  BUT I suppose that’s why I don’t live in the wilderness!  The kids are having an absolute blast out there!

Also, today’s lunch theme was “The Outback.”  I was sent to the porch to take a picture of Uncle Ivan’s full costume, but what I saw was not just Uncle Ivan, but every camper and cabin dressed to the theme VERY well.  So I’ve included some pictures of the lunch theme processional as well.

Lastly, before I put in the pictures, I want to say thanks to all of you who’ve been reading and commenting and sharing this blog.  I think it’s a really really cool thing that we can get these moments back to you who’ve entrusted your fantastic kids to us for a week.  It’s like you’re part of us, even when you’re not here 🙂




painting bags during craft time


The finished product on the googly eyed faces

Wilderness Adventures


Jared and Jacob teaching the safe way to eat a grasshopper.


If I had to be stuck in the wilderness, I’d want it to be with these kids. Look at that shelter!

Lunch Theme:  The Outback

"The Natives," they told me they were at lunch.  Plus a combination of Finding Nemo with one of the girls' cabins (hence, the ducks)

“The Natives,” they told me they were at lunch. Plus a combination of Finding Nemo with one of the girls’ cabins (hence, the ducks)

IMG_4525 IMG_4524

These girls were also hopping.

These girls were also hopping.



kangaroos... from our boys' cabin with a 1:1 ratio!

kangaroos… from our boys’ cabin with a 1:1 ratio!

I didn't catch the interpretation from this cabin, but the girls looked GREAT

This is the other half of the Finding Nemo crew — I believe this is the sea turtle and the dentist’s daughter

The crocodile...

The crocodile…


You can’t see Teagan’s sign, but it says “The Outback Steakhouse.” They had a waitress and everything. Very creative, ladies!



What better place for some quiet alone time than on top of the Jesus Saves rock. I should follow suit! (Sorry to whoever I creeped on, but this was a fantastic photo op.)

Tubing!  This was my favourite part of the day, because who doesn’t love sitting in a boat for an hour?

IMG_4528 IMG_4565 IMG_4532 IMG_4539 IMG_4545 IMG_4552 IMG_4556 IMG_4570

8 thoughts on “Tubing, Crafts, and hearing the campfire from inside the building.

  1. This makes me miss going there. You are doing a great job! My girls are very excited to be coming up again this year!

  2. Thank you so much for this Blog. my husband and son are at camp right now and we have been so curious about how they are and what they are doing.

  3. How neat is this blog!! I was at our cottage on Ahmic…I could hear the kids laughing…singing…music to my ears!!!!!

  4. Ohh the memories 🙂 This reminds me of the various events through last summer, despite how I always avoided lunch times for fear of being called upon. Everyone looks like they’re having fun! ^_^

  5. Wow! Great job with all the pictures! I am loving seeing my children having such a great time at camp. You are doing such a great job with this blog. I thank you very much and may God bless you for blessing us!

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